Geoff's Notes

Sat, 22 Jan 2005

Well, this adventure has started with a twist! I thought I was getting out of town just in time befoe the big snow storm, but...the storm is currently over Detroit, where tthey also managed to have some chemical spill in the tower, so there is now no air traffic control. We were the last plane allowed to toch down before all others were diverted. We're now waiting for a gate, as planes due to depart cannot push back with the tower in operation. It's now 3:17, four minutes after my flight to Minneapolis was due to depart. The first question now is whether that plane is still at the gate. Then, will it stay until I get into the terminal? And how long will the tower be closed? Can only sit and wait.

Arrival was scheduled for 2:20. At 3:35 we're told we have a gate, and at 3:45 we're there.
4:00 - in the terminal, and wonder of wonders, flight 745 has been held so I am going aaboard.
4:10 - preparing for departure - just an hour behind time. Most of the folks on here have been sitting here for an hour and a half. Several asked if I could break out the guitar if there was any more delay!
4:17 - pushing back
4:31 - waiting on line to get to the de-icing "pen" behind five other planes. Thank goodness for this apple Penny suggested I bring along! Who knows when I'll get a chance to eat.
5:10 - we're finally moving, heading for de-icing
5:17 - in the de-icing "pen" - I'd like to know what lovely orange and green chemicals they're using.
5:35 - de-icing done - waiting for the runway
5:42 - up, up and away - exactly two and a half hours late. We'll see what Minneapolis holds for later flights to Anchorage.
6:05 - In the terminal at Minneapolis, I saw that the 5:20 flight to Anchorage was still on the board, so I got one of those carts to run me to my gate, and I was the last person to get on board (they'd held the flight for a captain, also delayed by the weather). For some unknown reason, we sit again, but finally take off at 7:00, landing in Anchorage at 10:05, just an hour and three quarters late. Not bad,, considering.
10:55 - Settled in at the Hotel Captain Cook, ready for a good night's sleep!

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