Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts

Live at festivals in France, the Netherlands, and Swans Island, Maine.

I created this album a few years ago as a promotional sampler, but liked the result enough to add more live recorded cuts and offer it for sale. (Re-released with new tracks in 2008!)

My greatest joy as a performer is to be surrounded by the magic of a crowd joining in full voice harmony on a chorus. I recently realized that over the last fifteen years I've had the privilege of having performances recorded in a number of concerts that together represent some of the highlights of my career.

  1. Frankie's Trade - (Kipling/Bellamy) 3:22
  2. World of Misery (Shenandoah) - (Traditional) 3:42 [Listen at]
  3. Booze Yacht - (Traditional) 3:59
  4. John Cherokee - (Traditional) 2:09 [Listen at]
  5. Pat Do This - (Traditional) 3:09 [Listen at]
  6. The Old Figurehead Carver - (Hiram Cody/Dick Swain) 5:07
  7. Crossing the Water - (Staines, © 1991 Mineral River Music BMI) 3:31
  8. Won't You Help Me to Raise 'em - (Traditional) 3:53 [Listen at]
  9. Lynchburg Town - (Traditional) 4:23
  10. Survivor Leave - (Ken Stephens, © 1982 Seaways) 4:20
  11. Old Zeb - (Larry Kaplan, © 1977 Kaplan/BMI) 3:42
  12. Who Built the Ark - (Traditional) 3:40
  13. Johnson Girls - (Traditional) 2:23 [Free MP3] [Listen at]
  14. Horizons - (Bob Zentz, © 2000 BMI) 3:55
  15. Tree of Life - (Carawan/Seeger, © 1985 Stormking Music) 3:32

Total time: 54:00

Purchase price of this CD is $15

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful time we had... My children adore the tape (Fair Stood the Wind); my son, who is six, has almost all the words memorized.

T. Greene, Jacobstown, NJ